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Clear Positioning

Ecommerce Alliance invests in e-commerce companies and builds them to market leaders. More than 15 years of investment- and management experience in e-commerce have shown that sustainable success is based on two factors:
Firstly, functional experise along the value-added chain. This fulfills customer demand in an optimal way. Secondly, an approach which is structured and entrepreneurial at the same time for invest decisions, management and controlling of allocated assets.
Ecommerce Alliance as a service and investment company builds on these to factors.

Innovation leadership in the segment Services

Ecommerce Alliance is one of the innovation leaders in e-commerce services in Germany. This is due to its functional expertise and data-driven analysis fo processes along the value-added chain in e-commerce.
The close link between the service companies offers customers a holistic analysis of their online activities. Starting from web development and online marketing (Alphatier GmbH), over TV-marketing, -planning and –optimisation (getonTV GmbH), Web2TV tracking and triggering (XAD Service GmbH) and logistics & fullfillment services (getlogics GmbH) through to customer relationship management by email & newsletter (mailcommerce Gmbh), ECA Services offer individualised state-of-the-art solutions. It is part of our strategy to further expand this innovative and profitable segment and to strengthen it by organic as well as an-organic growth.

Focussing in the segment Brands

ECA continuously improves its business process and regulary applies a 360° analysis to its engagements in brands companies.
The ECA 360° analysis is built into three steps: Ecommerce-Screening, -Audit and -Evaluation.
Within Ecommerce Screening the team evaluates the idea and and the market potential of each brand company. Within Ecommerce Audit all processes oft he daily business are bing analysed using Ecommerce Audit Tools (Online-, TV-, TV2WEB-, Logistics-, and CRM-Audit). By these means strengthes and weaknesses in the value-added chain of each brand company can be made transparent. Finally, in Ecommerce Evaluation ECA evaluates market potential, business model, value-added chain and value-added sustainability, revenue model as well as the team of each brand company.
Based on the results of this portfolio check-up ECA adjusts its focus  on ‚proven players‘ like its majority holdings Shirtinator or ECA Media, as well as on ‚emerging players‘ like Orbit Internet Services or mybestbrands. It is strategic goal of this networked group to occupy these high-margin niches and to gain and maintain either the market leader or a first-follower position in Germany. In particular the close interaction with the ECA Service enables a rapid growth in sales, low customer acquisition- and logistics cost and an assured market access.