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Ecommerce Mobile

Since the acquisition of the wap-telecom Group in the first quarter of 2013 and the establishment of the new Mobile segment, Ecommerce Alliance has focused strongly on the fast-growing smartphone and tablet market in Germany. The current portfolio includes the companies axxamo, getmobile, getsmart and wap-telecom. Axxamo and getmobile provide as established online suppliers in the smartphone/tablet and mobile phone contract sector direct access to end customers, while the E-Plus Prepaid supplier getsmart adds tariff components to the segment’s mobile product range. The supply and distribution of hardware is looked after by wap-telecom GmbH, which was established in 1999.

Ecommerce Services

The companies in the Services segment extend the online value chain and make it possible for trading companies to have cost-efficient and professional marketing and fulfilment. The current portfolio includes here the integrated internet and TV marketing agency getperformance, the logistics and fulfilment company getlogics, and mailcommerce, which specialises in marketing, digital dialogue and e-mail marketing consultancy.

Ecommerce Brands

The Brands segment includes trading companies which either serve profitable e-commerce niche markets or focus on new and particularly fast-growing e-commerce trends, such as the well-known mass-customisation sites shirtinator and pearlfection.
Information and media portals such as mybestbrands, promipool and weinkenner provide guaranteed and quick access to the market and aim to arouse the customer’s interest and generate demand in order to sell products and advertising.