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After the record year 2013 growth rates of the interactive online and distance selling market slowed down in 2014. Though the market is still on a growth path. E-commerce continues to become a matter of course for continuous larger sections of the population. According to the „Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel (bevh)“ the market is still very vital. Overall turnover in the market was 49.1bn EUR in 2014. From that, 41.9 bn EUR – about 85% - accounted for e-commerce compared to 81% in 2013. E-commerce in goods increased in 2014 by 7%, far ahead compared to the total retail market. Various information channels about products and services in the internet are being used.

In 2014 most popular channels have been websites and other online-content of onlineshops as well as search engines. Social Media also played an important role.

Digital goods and services like travel and ticket booking as well as downloads generated almost 11 bn EUR in 2014. In the same year e-commerce established as an integral part of the retail market with continuous groth in sales despite a difficult environment. This showed the potential of the market segment.

Fashion was again the most popular product in e-commerce. in 2014 fashion sales in e-commerce accounted for 11.9 bn EUR (2013: 11.6 bn EUR). Next were consumer electronics (5 bn EUR) and books (4.1 bn EUR).

According to the bevh multi-channel and mobile-commerce were again in trend. In particular younger consumer groups prefered shopping via smartphone. Purchases of consumer goods in the internet by the group of 14-39 years-old increase more and more. According to market experts these trends will continue to grow. Retailers who are active on several channels scored remarkably with customers. However online marketplaces registered an negative development with shrinking sales in 2014.